About me

Hi everyone and welcome to TC Style Clues

I am Tamara, born and raised in Amsterdam The Netherlands. I have lived and worked in Los Angeles and London as a singer and dancer most of my life, and now you can find me in Bali most of the time.

 This blog got it's start on a rainy night in January 2012 as a creative outlet to share my burning passion for fashion and personal style. That first night I wrote twelve articles filled with typos and crappy Blackberry photos. But hey, I loved every minute of it and continued doing so in the months ahead.

Little did I know that this little blog would grow into a professional online platform about fashion, photography, beauty and travel to inspire readers from all over the world. The Blackberry got replaced by an IPhone and several Nikon's, and a new adventure was born. This adventure gave me the opportunity to meet like minded fashion lovers and collaborate with fantastic brands who inspire me to the core.

I am engaged to be married to my best friend and partner Emiel. This special guy is also part of the TC Style Clues team as he takes up the photography for this blog. Besides taking photos and maintaining TC Style Clues, we are always in between Amsterdam, Bali and The Kei islands in Indonesia where we recently started up an Eco friendly fishing business. 
We are also starting up my new online shop called TC's Boutique, and are we in the process of working on a few promising projects in the entertainment and hospitality industry in Indonesia. Our next move will be to relocate to Bali permanently next year.

I hope you all enjoy this adventurous and positive space.

Thanks for stopping by.

With love,

Tamara Chloé


  1. You look so FAB :) that outfit really suits you

    Check out my blog today…8 personal ways to wrap Xmas gifts :)

    Have a wonderful week dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis – Swedish decor, food, and fashion

  2. I'm a web developer :) <3 we could built a amazing nice new web project. :)? ^^i open for work togther :) <3

  3. Bellissima mise, baci Angelichic

  4. You are one of the most beautiful women on the world! And those legs! Amazing:)

  5. Hé Tamara, van een te gekke blog heb je hier!
    Het helpt natuurlijk dat je onwaarschijnlijk fotogeniek bent, maar hoe jij de kleding met de schoenen en accessoires mixed and matched is ook altijd top! En je hebt er altijd leuke teksten bij. Daarnaast vind ik je blog toegankelijk en overzichtelijk.
    Voor het geval je nog een aanmoediging nodig hebt: ga lekker zo door!!!
    Liefs, Francesca

  6. Oh, en de titel van je blog is ook geniaal!