"The Perfect Tan" With: Phenomenal Vita Liberata 2-3 Week Tanning Mousse

November 15, 2014

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Hey everyone

Summer is gone, and my golden tan has been fading, leaving me with a bit of a pale complexion. Self-tanners have always been my savior especially during the cold winter months because they leave you with a beautiful bronzed glow all year round. I have used quite a few different tanning sprays and lotions for years now. The thing I have always disliked about self tanners is their distinct smell and the fact they leave the inside of your hands slightly tanned too. Even when you wash them thoroughly and let's not forget to mention the sticky feeling after applying it. 

This totally changed when I discovered a tanning mousse by Vita Liberata.
This state of the art product is very popular in the land of models and celebrities. Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian are huge fans just to name a few. It made me very curious what the fuss was all about.
Vita Liberata tanning mousse contains organic ingredients, is free of parabens and won't get your hands dirty and sticky. It dries within seconds and stays put for up to three weeks! To top it all, it is absolutely odorless and leaves your skin silky and dehydrated because of its unique Pentavitin hydration "lock"!  Phenomenal has won quite a few international awards too. Sounds good right? I had to try it out for myself and I was pleasantly surprised the results were phenomenal. I can honestly vouche that this is the best and most natural looking tan I have ever found in a bottle! 

Curious? Keep on reading...

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Let's start that the Vita Liberata tanning mousse comes in a handy bottle with a pump and is light and airy which I absolutely love.

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Now here is one of the best parts. The Vita Liberata Tanning mouse also comes with a very soft tanning mitt that makes applying a piece of cake. Leaves you with an absolutely streak-free result plus your hands will stay clean. Genius!

Collage Self Tanner Vita Liberata, Tamara Chloé

The tanning mouse contains 70 percent organic ingredients and is free of parabens, perfume and alcohol..You can choose between three glowing colors, Fair for a soft glow, medium for a golden glow and dark for that ultra rich tan.

 I have used: medium that looks bronzed and absolutely perfect. When you apply, you can see exactly where you are applying so no streaks and just a perfectly even color. This product just can't get any better in my opinion.

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Applying the mouse with the tanning mitt in circular motions is extremely easy. I was surprised how the glove could reach all the smaller sections of your body like in between your fingers and behind your ears with no stress, hard rubbing or anything getting messy. Like I mentioned before there is no odor, and you are finished applying in less than 5 minutes.

The mouse dries in seconds without feeling sticky or looking stained. It is recommended to wear dark colored clothes after you apply the mouse, but I put on a white shirt after an hour and it did not rub off at all. Fantastic right?

DSC_5585 Self tanner Vita Liberata, Tamara Chloé

The package comes with full instructions and tips on how to apply the product and to make your tan last longer.
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I was wearing: Jeans: Zara here, Top: Lady Store Amsterdam, Earrings: Myca Couture

If you follow the instructions carefully, your Vita Liberata tan will last for 2 to three weeks. To me that is just a dream. With other self-tanners, I had to keep applying it every two days, so this product will save you a huge amount of time too. I am a huge fan already and will keep using this product for years to come. I am excited.

 Want to know more about this phenomenal product? Spice up your holiday outfit with a bronzed glow?  Make sure you visit the Vita Liberata website right here and get your sexy tan this season. Especially for you readers I have arranged a 50% discount code: "TAMARA50" which you can use at check out!

  For any other questions don't hesitate to shoot me an email. So how about you? Have you ever used a self-tanner and which one?

I am curious for your replies my friends.

Thanks for reading everyone and enjoy your weekend!

With love Tamara Chloé

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