Win A Luxurious DIOR Zodiac Sign Pendant Necklace!

October 16, 2014

DSC_0386 Dior Giveaway

I  am extremely excited to announce my first giveaway on:TC Style Clues

 I think it's time to give back to you all by hosting a contest that is just as fabulous as you are. Ever since I started blogging I have received so much love and support from you readers that this is my way to show my gratitude and appreciation.

What I have in store is a chance to win a very luxurious piece of jewelry from the Dior-Tell Me- collection priced at $630 each.

The -Tell me- collection contains gold plated dainty little necklaces that represent the twelve-star signs of the zodiac and makes wearing such a necklace very personal, therefore, incredibly special.  Every piece features a gorgeous combination of the finest glistening creme resin pearl like beads and black and white crystals.
The necklaces are very refined and the pendants cutesy small, so it is a piece of jewelry you can wear on a daily basis. As you all know, Dior stands for exquisite craftsmanship and allure and when I thought of hosting my first giveaway I wanted it to be nothing but the best!

Are you getting excited yet? Continue reading to find your zodiac sign and see for yourself how special these sparkly pieces are or visit the Dior website for more details on the complete collection right here

Dior Dior Dior Tell me 2

From left to right:  Libra / Aquarius / Gemini / Capricorn / Taurus / Pisces

Dior Dior Dior Tell me
From left to right:  Leo / Scorpio / Cancer / Sagittarius / Aries / Virgo

Collage Dior Capricorn

Do you agree with me that all these charmed necklaces are absolutely gorgeous? 

A fun note is that Monsieur Dior was a highly superstitious character; so this fabulous collection is such a beautiful ode to his personality don't you think?

Dior Giveaway FINAL FINAL EDIT resized

So here comes the fun part:

This giveaway is open for everyone and will ship internationally!

Here are the steps TO ENTER:

1: FOLLOW TamaraChloéStyleClues on Facebook: here 
2: FOLLOW @tamarachloe  on Instagram: here

Leave a comment below telling me your zodiac sign and why you think you should win this incredible piece.  For example, you could wear it to a special occasion or give this piece to a special someone for Christmas. Anything you want to tell me is fine.  Don't forget to leave your e-mail address so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner. If you don't feel comfortable leaving your e-mail, then you can also leave your social media handle like: Facebook, Blog, Twitter or Instagram. 

Yay, that's it!

 The contest runs from today October the 16th until November the 7th and the winner will be announced on this blog and my social media on November 8!

Good luck everyone!

I can't wait to announce the lucky winner soon!

With love Tamara Chloé.

Collage Dior



  1. mooie ketting! Tof dat je een give away doet! :-)

  2. Aww this is one of the best give aways ever, I usually don't participate because I never win but I am so in love with the leo necklace. I am so into horoscopes and so many characteristics referring to the leo fit my personality. Always kinda analysing other zodicas too and totally believe in their meanings.

    The sparkly collection is totally skiping my hearts beat. The charmed leo should be around my neck because it has so many beautiful pearls on the head. It totally excude elegance and extravagance and reflects my personality and style. Oh how I wish I can wear so many pearls on my head, I might look for a pearls beannie now :-D I always get to hear from my friend "You are such a typcial leo" Now I can say, yes with beautiful pearls" :-D

    Thank you for that beautiful gift in advance and i totally cross my finger. Hahaha you know what is funny, my weeks horoscope said that something sparkly will be waiting for me, it's in the stars and now I know what it meant hahaha :-)
    Now I am heading to bed and can't think of anything else hahahaha *so in love with that charmed necklace* Good nighty :-*

    Have a great weekend ahead my love <3

    with love ani

    PS: What zodiac are you?

  3. Hi Tamara,
    super thanks for this opportunity to win this incredible giveaway! I'm sure I would really surprise my girlfriend with such super classy and chic piece of jewelry! She's a Leo, and I would save it for our 20th anniversary on May 12 of next year. You could leave a massage at
    Good luck and take care babe!

  4. Im a libra and would love to win any piece and i would wear it on any special day(dinner dates, thanksgiving,valentines, etc) without being picky with my outfits. The combination of the libra piece is so beautiful others too. Ig name: yourz_truly1. Thanks for the giveaway

  5. Hi Tamara} Great giveaway! I am Libra. I would wear the piece with faux fur top, skinny jeans and boots to a romantic dinner with my boyfriend:-) I am following you on Facebook now! My email is:

    P.S. Thank you commenting on my blog!

  6. I'd love to win the scorpio pendant ad my birthday a just a few weeks from now (Nov 7th). Also, my baby is due a week after that. So, hopefully,if everything goes well, I'll have another scorpio in my family! Can you imagine how a wonderful present this would be? Plus, no need to mention that these Dior pieces look beyond gorgeous! Anyway, thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone :)


  7. Great!

  8. Hey Tamara! I'm an aries!! I really want to win this piece because I actually fell in love with these pendants a while ago when I saw pictures of models wearing them on the runway. They're so beautiful, I would die to have one of these. I would honestly wear mine everywhere, like M. Dior, I am very superstitious and they are versatile enough to match any outfit.


  9. I would love to win the Taurus!!
    This year in November is our unnevessary of us have a relationship of 25 years with each other!!
    On the 16e of november is also the birthday of my husband. (He is turning a very special age of 60 but he likes like he is 48😊)
    I would love to wear this georgeus necklace with a great outfit on our romantic diner.
    We had made some plans but we had to change them since we know that my oldest brother is very very sick.
    Because we need to be around in case of emergency.

    By winning this neckles would make that day unforgettable, special and most of all it will remember me to be and to stay positive and live live like every day is a beautiful and georgeus gift!!
    It would help me to be strong like a taurus,  when I'll  have a hard or emotional moment. It also will help me to know how beautiful everything can be when I only look at the beautiful things off live!!
    I always am thankfull and cherish every moment like a beautiful jewellery!!
    Nadera Jordan

  10. I was born in the beginning of september so my zodiac sign is a virgo

    I think I should win it because it's a unique necklace which represents my zodiac sign~ I always loved my zodiac sign but never had a chance to wear an accessory with this sign on it! this is definitely the perfect chance!! plus this necklace is gorgeous
    I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed
    fb Karin Shaim
    ig @karins28

    contact me via my email

  11. I am a virgo. I love these! I would love to wear this on girls' night out. jenannhayden at yahoo dot com

  12. FB : Nani Kurniasih
    Insta : @nani_007
    Email :
    My zodiac is Scorpio. I will will the necklace everyday. Its so simple yet elegant.

  13. Te gekke winacie meid, Ik doe graag mee. Ik ben een ram :) Waarom zou ik deze moeten winnen? Ik denk dat iedereen deze ketting zou moeten winnen. We hebben allemaal wel een reden om de ketting te dragen. Tijdens kerst, die ik dit jaar waarschijnlijk voor het eerst alleen met mijn vriend moet vieren omdat hij moet werken. Of op mijn verjaardag in maart natuurlijk.

  14. Hi. Tamara! :)
    FB : Anastasiya Klimova
    Insta : @NasyaRob
    Email :

    My zodiac is Pisces!
    Thank you so much for the chance to have such an expensive and beautiful jewelry!
    I think this piece of jewelry is suitable to many outfits! Fine will be combined with the casual style (jeans, blouses) and a simple elegant black dress! I'd wear it everywhere and was the happiest girl <3

  15. Woow doll, I absolutely fell in love with this collection, it is so elegant and just perfect. I love wearing this kind of jewerly its unique and it somehow tell people things about you in indirect way. Amazing really!

    anyway I'm Gemini.

    Love ya, visit my new reordered blog :D

  16. I forgot
    FB: Beba Gottel
    Insta: @bebagottel
    E-mail :

  17. the best prize ever! I've checked my sign - the Virgo - and it looks supercute. I am generally not into jewelry, just dont know how to wear it - i usually go for silk scarves to accessorize. Maybe its time to change ....
    Thanks a lot for the chance, Radmila, FB as Radmila Ustych, IG as msradmilamila,



  19. I'm a Gemini, I was actually supposed to be a Taurus but as I am never on time for anything was born two weeks late. We joke that I'm basically the quintessential Gemini (impulsive, indecisive, soft spoken, clever, curious, etc) so I would absolutely love this necklace!

    FB - Em Kay
    Instagram - HauteTorture

  20. Me gustaría ganar acuario. Nunca podría permitirme algo de ese precio en la vida y me he enamorado *O*

    Pronto llega la Navidad y me encantaría lucirlo en la cena familiar.

    Un beso enorme guapa!!

  21. I'm looking for some special necklace for so long time. And this Dior zodiac is completely perfect.
    I'm a Taurus. I can wear it with total black looks or with simple t-shirt. I think, I'll find many ways to style it.
    Hope, luck will be on my side.
    My e-mail:

  22. Because it's DIOR OMG!! WHO WON'T DIOR FOR FREE???? Heheh :))

    Aries :)

  23. Wat gaaf dat je zo'n leuke winactie kan houden!
    Ik heb helaas geen Facebook (meer), maar ik volg je wel op instagram! (@karindmpf)
    Mijn sterrenbeeld is tweelingen en mijn e-mailadres is
    De reden dat ik een Dior ketting wil winnen? Er zijn wel 1001 goede redenen, maar één daarvan is dat ik een goede eigenaar zal zijn die goed voor het juweeltje zal zorgen!

  24. Het is nog net de 7e, toch.. :)
    Ik zou heel graag de ketting voor mijn fabulous mamma willen winnen. Zij vierde onlangs haar 50e verjaardag na een tough period. Ik denk dat ik haar heel blij zou kunnen maken met een ketting van haar zodiac sign!

    xo Rowan